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Synonyms for 1/6th Scale[edit]

  • 1:6 scale: emphasis engineering models.
  • 2-inch scale: a scale-foot notation. Standard jargon among miniaturists and architects.
  • 12-inch: emphasis figures. [from the approximate height of a scale adult figure] Used in related forums.
  • actionscale: emphasis action doll & figure support, especially technical or outdoor items. Appears to be no longer supported.
  • Barbie-scale: emphasis dollhouses & indoor items.
  • hectometric [see hecto-, below]
  • playscale: originally dollhouses, presently cross-genre and/or co-ed2, especially when domestic, urban or civilian elements are included. Longest used textual name for this scale, that is genderless. More specifically, scale objects & environments [scale stagecraft]. Standard jargon among miniaturists.
  • podometric: emphasis figures. [Gr. foot-sized, from podo- + -metric]
  • sextilian: emphasis figures, accouterments & figure-accommodating set pieces1.
  • sixthscale: emphasis exterior dioramas, custom-made elements & high-end collectibles. Used in related forums.

Playscale Protologisms[edit]

Proposed & Collected 1:6 Miniaturist's Jargon



n. a sculptural representation of the human form; a doll, a figure/figurine, a statue[tte]. An andriant (in this sense) tends to have permanent clothing or enhanced articulation compared to a doll (see plangon, below) and male, unless modified by a prefix. [Gr. andrias, gen. andriant- from aner/andr-, man]

andriantography n. figure drawing.
andriantophile n. a figure enthusiast.
arsenandriant n. a male action figure. [Gr. arsenos = "male, masculine"] *
arthrandriant n. an action figure. [lit. jointed figure]
ethandriant n. a character-based figure. [Gr. ethos = "character"]
gonandriant n. a gonadally-correct action figure. [Gr. gonos = "genitals"]
hectandriant n. a playscale figure. [see hecto-, below]
plangonandriant n. a femfig, see below. [Gr. plangon = "womanly doll"] *
theleandriant n. a femfig possessing nipple details, usually geared toward adults. [Gr. thele = "nipple"]
plastandriant n. a plastic figure. [Gr. plastos = "molded"]
thelyandriant n. a female action figure. [Gr. thelus = "female, feminine"] *
xylandriant n. a wooden "lay figure." [lit. wooden figure]

*Arsenandriants & thelyandriants have permanent, molded-on clothes, where andriantoplangs (see plangon, below) & plangonandriants do not.

  • anecotic [an ee KAH tic] adj. Of miniaturism, houseless, as compared to classical forms, though furniture and accessories are still widely used. [Gr. an-, "without" + oikos, "house"]
  • arti- pref. denoting an articulated version of a figure normally offered as a fashion doll, such as artiBabs & artiKen (Mattel's Barbie2 & Ken). [Lat. artus, from Gr. arthron = "joint"] Used in related forums.


  • Barbarienne n. any female figure based on a stock Mattel Barbie body or (lower case) knockoff, often shortened to just "barbie." [female member of the "Barbara" tribe]
    • Barbarienne, adj.


  • Cam n. a CGI Action Man, especially in his native extreme-sports theme, a.k.a. Alex Mann, Action Man III, AM3.
  • Carsoni n. a Kenwear suit.
  • come out of the toybox v., humorous to make public one's collection of dolls (or figures), as an adult, especially when crossing traditional gender lines; also, come out of the dollhouse.
  • Cy-wear n. playscale female clothing that is science fiction-themed or otherwise superheroesque. [reminiscent of the standard issue clothing of many CyGirl figures.]



n. any doll or figure based on a Disney or (lower case) Disneyesque animated film character.

Darbie n. a (Mattel) Barbie-based Dizfig. b. (lower case) any similar doll or figure. [portmanteau Disney(esque) + Barbie]
Denny n. a male Darbie, in both senses. [Disney(esque) + Ken(ny)]


  • Earl n. An Ertl "joe."
    • Earlene n. An Ertl "jane."
  • exotica n. a story/art genre somtimes referred to as voyages2 and pulp adventures. [an expanded use of the musical genre]


  • fashion figure n. a pink-aisle action doll, like artiBabs or a ball-jointed doll. [portmanteau fashion doll + action figure]
  • femfig n. a female action doll. [portmanteau female (action) figure] Used in related forums.


adj. pref. 12-inch (size). [from foot5]

footman n. a 12-inch mandoll; a joe.
footsoldier n. a 12-inch wardoll.
foot9 n. a collection of footsoldiers. True to realscale meaning.


  • green aisle n. the [GI] Joe-related aisle of a toy store [from its militaristic emphasis]. Used in related forums.
    • green-aisle adj.



pref. a sixth; also, hectometric [Gr. hektos = "sixth;" hecto-, in its present use, should have been hecato- from hekaton]

hectometric adj. playscale. [lit. sixth-measure]
hectecidium n. a playscale (doll)house. [Gr. oikidion = "small house"]
hecthylicism n. playscale materialism.
hectocosm n. all things playscale.
hectophile n. an umbrella3 playscale enthusiast, compare sextilianist and playscaler, below.
hectorama n. a playscale diorama.
hectotechnology n. playscale [models of] technology.
hectozoan n. playscale animal.
hectozoa plural a.k.a. sextilifauna



n. a. any playscale femfig, from b. Cap. Hasbro's eponymous GI Jane. Used in related forums.

Abbey-Jane: any spy-genre jane, a.k.a. Babby-Jane when artiBabs-based [from Abbey Chase, Danger Girl].
Barbie-Jane: any (Mattel) Barbie-headed or other roothead jane.
Skipper-Jane: any "jane" with a more teen-like figure reminiscent of Mattel's Teen Skipper body
(e.g. Lanard's I-Girls, Get Real Girls & Girl's Mission figures).
Beatrix-Jane: any playfarer jane, a.k.a. Trixie-Jane, or Bea-Jane when artiBabs-based. [Lat. fem. name Viatrix= "adventuress"]
Lara-Jane: a MOA-style "jane," a.k.a. a WOA (see MOE) [from Lara Croft, Tomb Raider].
GI Jane: any militaristic, painthead or fuzzhead jane.
  • Janewear n. playscale adventuress clothing.
  • -Jo suff. a name ending denoting a GI Jane-style figure, as in Barbie-Jo, Sarah-Jo or Ellie-Jo. [short for Josephine, feminine of Joe]


n. a. any playscale mandoll, from b. Cap. Hasbro's eponymous GI Joe. Used in related forums.

GI Joe: any militaristic or painthead joe.
GQ Joe: any joe used as a male fashion doll.
Kenny-Joe: any (Mattel) Ken-headed joe; any wigged or roothead joe.
  • Joe-head n. a joe enthusiast, often extending to include janes as well. Used in related forums.


  • Kenwear: n. playscale male civvies, esp. activewear, cf. Carsoni [originally created for Mattel's Ken (Carson) doll].


  • mandoll n. a male action doll, sometimes referred to humorously as a mandollie. [compound man + doll ] Used in related forums.
  • mannequine n. a distinctly female mannequin. [Fr. mannequin + -e feminine ending]
  • Marcy n.
  1. a hybrid femfig having a Mattel/Barbie head sculpt on a Cy Girl body,
  2. (lower case) any hybrid femfig having a similar head sculpt on a similar body.
[acronym MAttel-Recapitated CY (Girl)]
  • Maxwear n. Max Steel-style clothing, regardless of source.
  • Midgewear n. playscale female casualwear or dailywear, as opposed to Barbie's typical high-fashion wardrobe [from Mattel's Midge (Hadley), who was initially marketed as Barbie's non-fashion model friend].
  • miniaturism n. the miniaturist's2 hobby.
  • Moe n. A Man of Action-style "joe" [shortened from acronym MOA].


  • painthead n. any figure with molded hair, usually male. [modeled on fuzzhead] Used in related forums.
  • pink aisle n. the Barbie-related aisle of a toy store [from its emphasis on traditionally feminine pursuits such as fashion, hair & make-up]. Used in related forums.
    • pink-aisle adj.


n. a doll that is denudible, redressible and female, unless modified by a prefix. [Gr. plangon, lit. "womanly doll"]

andriantoplang n. a mandoll, see below. [Gr. andrias/andriant- = "figure," from aner/andro- = "man"]
arsenoplang n. a male fashion doll. [Gr. arsenos = "male, masculine"]
arthroplang n. an action doll. [lit. jointed doll]
esthetoplang n. a fashion doll. [Gr. esthes = "garment"]
theleplang n. a female fashion doll possessing nipple details, usually geared toward adults. [Gr. thele = "nipple"]
ethoplang n. a character-based doll. [Gr. ethos = "character"]
gonoplang n. a gonadally-correct doll due to its minimal articulation. [Gr. gonos = "genitals"]
plangonophile n. a doll enthusiast, especially leaning toward womanly dolls. [from older plangonologist]
  • playfarer n. a figure or doll of the pulp adventure genre, such as a fuzzhead. [portmanteau play + (way)farer]
  • playscale adj., see entry.
    • playscaler n. a playscale miniaturist with an emphasis on scale objects and/or environments, as opposed to figures, cf. sextilianist.


  • realscale adj. of 1:1 scale; not scaled down, cf. playscale.
  • recapitation n. a head swap.
  • roothead n. any figure with rooted hair, usually female. [modeled on fuzzhead]



n. & adj., see entry for this word and following derivatives:

Sextilia, n.
sextiliana, n.
sextilianism, n.
sextilianist, n.
sextilianity, n.
sextilianize, v.
sextiliano, n.
sextilifauna, n.


n. & adj., see entry for this word and following derivatives:
sextiliennism, n.
sextiliennist, n.
sextiliennity, n.
  • sixthscale adj. playscale. Preferred textual term for those who believe the term playscale to be too amateurish, due to its inclusion of playline or other low-end elements. [1/6th (1:6) scale] Used in related forums.


  • tommy n. 1. a vintage Palitoy painthead Action Man, a.k.a. Action Man I, AM1; any militarized Action Man. 2. (Cap.) a Tommy Gunn figure. True to realscale meaning.
  • trake n. a neck-damaged Mattel Barbie2, typically having a hole in its throat. True to realscale meaning.
  • transsextile adj., humorous including 1:6-scale elements and/or figures from both the green AND pink aisles; also, beyond traditional 1:6 genres.
    • transsextilite, n. a co-ed sextilianist.
      • transsextilism, n. co-ed sextilianism.
    • transsextility n. 1. the crossover universe of [GI] Joe & Barbie. 2. such a display.


  • wardoll n. any militarized action doll, usually male, sometimes referred to humorously as a wardollie. [compound war + doll ] Used in related forums.

Other Protologisms[edit]

  • chrestonym: n., see entry.
  • FXtravaganza: n. a movie whose sole purpose is to showcase new special effects techniques, often at the expense of other elements, such as storyline or plot.
  • kinetethon: n. an animated character. [Gr. kinetos moving + ethos character]
  • moroxenic: adj., n. [An animal or other local "fact" that is] made up so to tease first-time visitors to a place, such as: snipe hunts, sea bats, drop bears, etc. [Gr. moros foolish (or gullible) + xenos foreigner, stranger]
  • oxylogist: n. sharp reasoner [Gr. oxus sharp + logos reason, reckon + istes -ist, -er].
  • picbash: v. & n., see entry.
  • stripkata: n. a martial arts style using one's articles of clothing as weapons, such as Jason Statham used in his Transporter series.
  • stunt show: n. a movie whose sole purpose is to showcase stuntwork.
  • suit-‘em-up: n. a movie overly attendant to men’s fashions, such as “Ocean’s 11.” [modeled on shoot-‘em-up]