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Alternative forms[edit]


Short for the original phrase coeducational referring to an educational institution that taught males and females together.


a unisex restroom in a university


co-ed (comparative more co-ed, superlative most co-ed)

  1. Of an educational institution, teaching both males and females.
  2. Mixing males and females; unisex; mixed-gender.
    We played in a co-ed band.
    • traditional, Coed Naked Sportswear (T-shirt):
      COED NAKED SKIING: Only the bold can BARE the cold!
      COED NAKED FIREFIGHTING: Find 'em Hot, Leave 'em Wet!


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co-ed (plural co-eds)

  1. (US, dated, informal) A young woman who attends college.
  2. (US, dated, informal) A (generally young) woman, especially on the campus of a college or other educational institute.
    • 1959, The Michigan Technic, "The Coed":
      1959: A coed is exotic with mascara on her eye lashes, demureness in a sweater, and 'the future homemaker' with a can opener.
  3. A student of either sex at a co-educational institution.
    • 2023 October 28 (last accessed),[1]:
      The majority of college coeds are female, but many still have trouble paying for tuition. Scholarships designed specifically for women can be useful in this situation.