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Hello, and welcome to Wiktionary. Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are a few good links for newcomers:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wiktionarian! By the way, you can sign your name on Talk (discussion) and vote pages using four tildes, like this: ~~~~, which automatically produces your name and the current date. If you have any questions, see the help pages, add a question to one of the discussion rooms or ask me on my Talk page. Again, welcome!

RuakhTALK 03:21, 2 September 2007 (UTC)

Please don't enter copyright violations[edit]

Your edit to cupidity was not OK. Do not enter direct copyright violations. --Connel MacKenzie 16:16, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

You've been blocked for one day for re-adding that. Other sysops will review your other contributions and extend your block to indefinite, as needed. --Connel MacKenzie 16:03, 22 September 2007 (UTC)

Your redirect to mindstream[edit]

Here we don't do redirects because of case. In fact, the old ones are being deleted by a bot. It just adds clutter, unlike wikipedia which needs them so entries can be easily found. Nadando 02:41, 8 January 2008 (UTC)


It sounds like you're commenting on my signature on Meta, where I've customised it to link to my pages on other projects. If so then you need to go to your preferences (Special:Mypreferences) on each project you want to edit your signature on.

On the first page there is a section for Signatures, in this section click the checkbox (it's labelled "Wikitext signature" (followed by a long explanation) on Meta, and "Treat signature as wikitext (Without an automatic link)" here on en.wiktionary.

Then in the input box in the Signature section, type what you want your signature to be. The code for mine on meta is:

[[user:Thryduulf|Thryduulf]] ([[wikt:en:User:Thryduulf|en.wikt]],[[:en:User:Thryduulf|en.wp]],[[:commons:User:Thryduulf|commons]])

The English Wikipedia has a page on customising signatures - W:Wikipedia:Customisation#User name and signatures, see also W:Wikipedia:Signatures#Customizing your signature for Wikipedia's policies and guidelines on custom signatures. Wiktionary's equivalent page with similar (but fewer) guidelines is at Wiktionary:Signatures, if a similar policies exist on Meta and Commons I've been unable to find them. Thryduulf 12:39, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

I really appreciate your signature in Meta. I am not very adept at coding. I really want to represent the unity of the individual Projects and my relationship to them by having a unified signature across Projects that cross-references the principal Projects that I am working within. Wikipedia (ω), Wikiversity (ॐ), Wiktionary (Æ) will be appropriate at this time. I would like my name to default to my Wikipedia User Page and for each of my Project talk pages in turn I would like ω ॐ Æ. I really wanted the W that is two V overlapped but for the life of me I couldn't track it. I am not asking you to do it for me, but some salient pointers would be lovely. I find the manuals for coding really dense and opaque.
Thanking you in anticipation
B9 hummingbird hovering 09:20, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
Project Long form Shortcut
Wikipedia [[wikipedia:]] [[w:]]
Wiktionary [[[[wiktionary:]]]] [[wikt:]]
Wikinews [[wikinews:]] [[n:]]
Wikibooks [[wikibooks:]] [[b:]]
Wikiquote [[wikiquote:]] [[q:]]
Wikisource [[wikisource:]] [[s:]]
Wikispecies [[wikispecies:]] [[species:]]
Wikiversity [[wikiversity:]] [[v:]]
Wikimedia Foundation [[wikimedia:]]
Wikimedia Commons [[commons:]]
Wikimedia Meta-Wiki [[metawikipedia:]]
Wikimedia Incubator [[incubator:]]
MediaWiki [[mw:]]
MediaZilla / Bugzilla [[mediazilla:]]
Testwiki [[testwiki:]]

* Other Wikimedia prefixes: betawikiversity:, download:, dbdump:, mail:, mailarchive:, otrs:, OTRSwiki:, quality:, spcom:, tools:, tswiki:, svn:, rev:, wmania:, wm2005:, wm2006:, wm2007:, wm2008:, wm2009:.

The long form doesn't work within the same project. The shortcut works everywhere. (That is the intention; currently, it does not work on all projects).

In re User:B9 hummingbird hovering#Inclusive iconography: “the IPA is inclusive”[edit]

The IPA derives from the Romic alphabet, devised for English spelling reform; furthermore, it is intended to be Latino-centric. Consequently, it isn’t the inclusive ideal you think it to be. (It does, however, supplement its Roman-alphabet symbols with some from the Greek alphabet (e.g., θ, β) and a few from Arabic, viz. ʡ, ʔ, ʕ, and ʢ.) OTOH, this is the English Wiktionary, so some Anglocentrism may be appropriate. All that said, I’d personally like to see represented a Maya glyph, a rune, a kanji, a hiragana, some cuneiform, some Armenian, and some Glagolitsa, but that’s just me…  (u):Raifʻhār (t):Doremítzwr﴿ 18:42, 7 September 2009 (UTC)


The code for it is bo, which is what should be used in the templates and category names. Robert Ullmann 12:11, 9 September 2009 (UTC)

Ah, ic, you are adding things for script. "bo" is the language code. We haven't had boxes for scripts before that I've noticed. Robert Ullmann 12:23, 9 September 2009 (UTC)
And see Category:Tibetan nouns (and others) for examples of properly formatted entries. SemperBlotto 10:34, 10 September 2009 (UTC)


Hi! Thanks for your contributions; you're learning quickly! Generally, on Wiktionary we do not use redirects, even for mis-spellings. But especially we do not use soft redirects to another project or website. If a term or phrase is common enough to be used, it deserves an explanation in the dictionary, possibly with a local soft redirect to the primary article and possibly with an sister project infobox. - Amgine/talk 12:44, 9 September 2009 (UTC)

Well, take a look at Tibetan script. It should follow the format for other scripts, such as Latin script (there is no English script as it uses the Latin.) - Amgine/talk 12:57, 9 September 2009 (UTC)
BTW: the printed language is called uchen (དབུ་ཅན་), the hand-written form is called umé (དབུ་མེད་). - Amgine/talk 13:00, 9 September 2009 (UTC)
it has its own name YAY, i'm still fretting that the special font type of W that is two juxtaposed Vs doesn't have its own name *humph* thanx for learnin me!
B9hummingbirdhoverin'æω 13:02, 9 September 2009 (UTC)
<grin> Yes, they do. The printed term means "with a head", and the handwritten term means "headless", presumably to the different appearance of the two. In practice, of course, they will mean something more akin to cursive and printing in English. I have to get the family up and out the door to school now, hope to talk to you later! - Amgine/talk 13:10, 9 September 2009 (UTC)
lovely! B9hummingbirdhoverin'æω 14:12, 9 September 2009 (UTC)

Good to see[edit]

some of your recent contributions. Perhaps you can help out with some of the stuff at Category:Requests (Tibetan)? Ƿidsiþ 07:12, 11 September 2009 (UTC)


Hello. You recently added the Tibetan word སྡོམ, meaning spider, to the category bo:Insects; and explained that spiders are "generally understood as such". Even so, I'd prefer the immensely more accurate category bo:Arachnids. I've changed it now. --Daniel. 16:24, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

In my opinion as a non-speaker of Tibetan, your explanation "vow, bind" looks pretty simple and could be added anytime as the second definition of སྡོམ. You're welcome. --Daniel. 17:13, 14 September 2009 (UTC)


Hi. Thanks for adding Tibetan words. However, there are few problems with the categories you create. Their names are not arbitrary. I am going to delete Category:bo:Nations as it is non-standard. Category:bo:Countries on the other hand is OK.
The best thing to do is to look whether other languages have the category you are going to create. For example, you can create སིན་འབྲུ "pomegranate", then look up English pomegranate, see that it is in the Category:Fruits. You can then open Category:Fruits, pick one of the languages, say Category:fi:Fruits, open it's code and copy paste {{nav|lang=fi|langname=Finnish|current=Fruits|parent=Foods|parent2=Plants}}} to Category:bo:Fruits and edit lang=fi|langname=Finnish to lang=bo|langname=Tibetan. This way you can avoid non-standard Category:bo:Fruit names. --Vahagn Petrosyan 11:26, 16 September 2009 (UTC) {{subst:B9 hummingbird hovering}}

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