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several abutments


First attested in 1644; engineering sense first attested in 1793. From Old French aboutement.[1] Equivalent to abut +‎ -ment.



abutment (countable and uncountable, plural abutments)

  1. The point of junction between two things, in particular a support, that abuts. [First attested in the mid 17th century.][1]
  2. (engineering, architecture) The solid portion of a structure that supports the lateral pressure of an arch or vault. [First attested in the mid 18th century.][1]
  3. (engineering) A construction that supports the ends of a bridge; a structure that anchors the cables on a suspension bridge. [First attested in the mid 18th century.][1]
  4. Something that abuts, or on which something abuts. [First attested in the mid 18th century.][1]
  5. The state of abutting.
  6. (architecture) That element that shares a common boundary or surface with its neighbor.
  7. (dentistry) The tooth that supports a denture or bridge.
  8. A fixed point or surface where resistance is obtained.
    The fulcrum acted as an abutment.



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