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From Latin āctrīx (female plaintiff). Doublet of actrice.


actrix (plural not attested) (rare, chiefly law)

  1. A female plaintiff.
    • 1918, Documents Relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, volume 30, page 469:
      Wife Elizabeth, whole estate, including gold, silver, jewels, etc., and to be executrix and “universal actrix,” to bring up the children until they will be fit for trades.
    • 1935, John Joseph Manning, Presumptions of Law in Marriage Cases, page 75:
      Thirdly, the actrix in her own testimony did not so much allege ignorance but rather showed that she abhorred the notion of sexual relations and had a positive will opposed to its fulfillment.
    • 2000, Frederik Pedersen, Marriage disputes in medieval England, →ISBN, page 22:
      Compare Marrays c. Rowcliff where the annotator has written the age of the actrix in the margin every time a witness answered the question about her age, []

Related terms[edit]



From āctus +‎ -trīx, from agō (do, act).



āctrīx f (genitive āctrīcis, masculine āctor); third declension

  1. doer (female)
  2. actress, actor (female) (person who performs in a theatrical play or movie)
  3. plaintiff (female)
  4. stewardess, steward (female)


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative āctrīx āctrīcēs
Genitive āctrīcis āctrīcum
Dative āctrīcī āctrīcibus
Accusative āctrīcem āctrīcēs
Ablative āctrīce āctrīcibus
Vocative āctrīx āctrīcēs

Related terms[edit]



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