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adduare (to pair up) +‎ -si (enclitic reflexive pronoun)


  • IPA(key): /ad.duˈ, [äd̪d̪uˈär̺s̪i]
  • Stress: adduàrsi
  • Hyphenation: ad‧duar‧si


adduarsi (obsolete)

  1. (reflexive) To double oneself; to make a couple, to be joined
    • 1321, Dante Alighieri, La divina commedia: Paradiso, Le Monnier, published 2002, Canto VII, lines 4–9, page 114:
      Così, volgendosi a la nota sua, ¶ fu viso a me cantare essa sustanza, ¶ sopra la qual doppio lume s’addua; ¶ ed essa e l’altre mossero a sua danza, ¶ e quasi velocissime faville ¶ mi si velar di sùbita distanza.
      In this wise, to his melody returning, this substance, upon which a double light doubles itself, was seen by me to sing, and to their dance this and the others moved, and in the manner of swift-hurrying sparks veiled themselves from me with a sudden distance.