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Phellinus tuberculosus
Agaricus sylvaticus

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From Latin agaricum, from Ancient Greek ἀγαρικόν (agarikón, a tree fungus (Phellinus pomaceus)), from the country of Agaria, in Sarmatia.


  • IPA(key): /ˈæɡəɹɪk/, /əˈɡɑːɹɪk/, /əˈɡæɹɪk/


agaric (plural agarics)

  1. Any of various fungi, principally of the order Agaricales, having fruiting bodies consisting of umbrella-like caps, on stalks, with numerous gills beneath.
    • 1765, William Kenrick, A Review of Doctor Johnson’s New Edition of Shakespeare[1], London: J. Payne, page 88:
      [] these [commentators] were slight excrescences, mushrooms, champignons, that perished as the smoke of the dunghil evaporated, which reared them. A modern editor of Shakespeare is, on the contrary, a fungus attached to an oak; a male agaric of the most astringent kind, that, while it disfigures its form, may last for ages to disgrace the parent of its being.
    • 1844, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The Poet”, in Essays. Second Series[2], Boston: James Munroe, pages 24–25:
      Nobody cares for planting the poor fungus: so she shakes down from the gills of one agaric countless spores, any one of which, being preserved, transmits new billions of spores to-morrow or next day.
    • 1872, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Idylls of the King, “Gareth and Lynette” in Gareth and Lynette, Etc. London: Strahan & Co., p. 47,[3]
      She thereat, as one / That smells a foul-flesh’d agaric in the holt, / And deems it carrion of some woodland thing, / Or shrew, or weasel, nipt her slender nose / With petulant thumb and finger,
    • 1989, Ted Hughes, “Slump Sundays”, in Wolfwatching[4], London: Faber and Faber, page 4:
      [] I came to / Under a rainy ridge, in a goblin clump / Of agaric.
  2. A dried fruiting body of a fungus formerly used in medicine (now Laricifomes officinalis, formerly Fomitopsis officinalis, Fomes officinalis, Polyporus officinalis).


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  • IPA(key): /a.ɡa.ʁik/
  • (file)


agaric m (plural agarics)

  1. agaric
    Synonym: psalliote

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