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Alternative forms[edit]


From a clipping of aggravation + -o (diminutive suffix), influenced by aggressive.



aggro (uncountable)

  1. Aggravation; bother.
    • 2011, Helen DeWitt, Lightning Rods[1], page 25:
      But the thing to remember was that some women were prepared to provide an outlet, in spite of all the aggro, if the money was right. And lots of guys were prepared to pay, in spite of the aggro. And what the aggro boiled down to, if you thought about it, was the shame of being known to be the person who had been involved.
  2. (chiefly UK, Australia) Aggressive behaviour; loud, intimidating behaviour that convincingly threatens violence without necessarily actually becoming violent.
    Move along, lads; we don't want any aggro.
    • 1999, Eric Dunning, Sport Matters : Sociological Studies of Sport, Violence and Civilisation[2], page 162:
      That is the case because, according to Marsh, soccer hooliganism is one of Britain's principal forms of aggro. If it is true that there is an absence of aggro traditions in the USA — and there is a wealth of evidence which suggests that Marsh is wrong on this score — then it is reasoble to deduce from Marsh′s arguments that it is unlikely that phenomena such as soccer hooliganism could or ever will develop there.
    • 2011, Jake Arnott, The Long Firm, unnumbered page:
      ‘We ain′t got a name yet. We′re into aggro.’
      ‘Yeah, you know, aggression, aggravation. Aggro’.
  3. (online gaming) A measure of how belligerent a player is – a high value may inspire either avoidance or preemptive hostile action from enemies.
    • 2007, Bendik Stang, Morten A. Osterholt, Erik Hoftun, The Book of Games Volume 2: The Ultimate Reference on PC & Video Games, page 98:
      To reduce one player's aggro level, the other must build up his own.
    • 2008 April, GameAxis Unwired, page 54:
      What isn't so gimmicky is the Aggro System, where you draw fire onto yourself by acting aggressive, while your partner sneaks off blindsiding distracted enemies. Aggro depends on how big your current weapon is and how often you act aggressive.
    • 2010, Luke Cuddy, John Nordlinger, editors, World of Warcraft and Philosophy: Wrath of the Philosopher King, page 187:
      We asked for an ability to trasnfer[sic] our aggro to another player—were told that could cause some abuse.
  4. (online gaming, MMORPG slang) Hostile attention from an enemy that should target players with better defenses.
    You just pulled aggro off the tank and wiped the raid.

Derived terms[edit]


aggro (comparative more aggro, superlative most aggro)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, slang) Angry.
    • 2011, Bill Noel., The Marsh: A Folly Beach Mystery, page 70:
      “The Chuckster say you two be finding aggro idiot who kilt Long,” said Dude.
      I thought I understood but looked at Charles for help.
      Aggro means pissed off.” translated Charles. He still hadn't cracked a smile. Tardiness made Charles aggro.
  2. (online gaming, MMORPG slang) Liable to attack without being attacked first (said of monsters).
  3. (TCGs, of a deck) Designed for aggressive play that seeks to defeat the opponent in the early stages of the game. (of a player) Favoring such decks.
  4. (British, US, slang) Hardcore, aggressive.
    • 2005, Peta Tait, Circus Bodies: cultural identity in aerial performance[3], page 131:
      At the beginning of the twenty-first century the physically adept aggro femme had become a recurring motif in new circus and physical theatre.


aggro (third-person singular simple present aggros or aggroes, present participle aggroing, simple past and past participle aggroed)

  1. (online gaming, MMORPG slang, intransitive) To become aggressive towards the player's character.
    They'll aggro on you if you get too close.
  2. (online gaming, MMORPG slang, transitive) To cause (a non-player character) to become aggressive towards the player's character.
    I aggroed the enderman by looking in its eyes, and it killed me.