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Alternative forms[edit]


air +‎ tight


airtight (comparative more airtight, superlative most airtight)

  1. Impermeable to air or other gases.
  2. (figuratively) Having no weak points or flaws.
    • 1990 April 28, Patricia Roth Schwartz, “The Odd Couple”, in Gay Community News, page 7:
      She creates an airtight world of her imagining.
    We have an airtight argument they won’t be able to punch holes in.
  3. (figuratively, of a person) Highly reserved in some matter, particularly tight-lipped or tight-fisted.
    • 1908, The Plumbers Trade Journal, Plumbers’ Trade Journal Publishing Company, volume 44:
      when Roger asked for $100 to take the preliminary steps to establish his claim, Mike yelled like a Hebrew auctioneer, for he was air-tight and squeezed a dollar until the woman on it yelled.
    • 1915 April, Annals of Iowa, Historical Department of Iowa, series 3, volume 12, page 599:
      He was ‘air-tight,’ close-mouthed, and had but few confidants or intimate friends, but numerous acquaintances.



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