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Alternative forms[edit]


air +‎ tight


airtight (comparative more airtight, superlative most airtight)

  1. Being impermeable to air or other gases.
  2. (figuratively) Having no weak points or flaws.
    We have an airtight argument they won’t be able to punch holes in.
  3. (figuratively, of a person) Highly reserved in some matter, particularly tight-lipped or tight-fisted.
    • 1908, The Plumbers Trade Journal, Plumbers’ Trade Journal Publishing Company, volume 44:
      when Roger asked for $100 to take the preliminary steps to establish his claim, Mike yelled like a Hebrew auctioneer, for he was air-tight and squeezed a dollar until the woman on it yelled.
    • 1915 April, Annals of Iowa, Historical Department of Iowa, series 3, volume 12, page 599:
      He was ‘air-tight,’ close-mouthed, and had but few confidants or intimate friends, but numerous acquaintances.



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