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an- +‎ -uria.


anuria (countable and uncountable, plural anurias)

  1. (medicine) A condition in which the kidneys do not produce urine.
    • 2007, Nain D. Chohan (editor), Nursing: Interpreting Signs & Symptoms, page 39,
      Clinically defined as urine output of less than 100 ml in 24 hours, anuria indicates either urinary tract obstruction or acute renal failure due to various mechanisms. [] Anuria is rare; even with renal failure, the kidneys usually produce at least 75 ml of urine daily.
    • 2008, Ronald M. Perkin, Dale A. Newton, James D. Swift (editors), Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Textbook of Inpatient Management, 2nd edition, page 359,
      Changes in urinary pattern such as polyuria, oliguria, anuria, enuresis, and excessive thirst can be associated with tubular dysfunction.
    • 2011, Boris Lams, Oliguria, Mark Kinirons, Harold Ellis (editors), French's Index of Differential Diagnosis: An A-Z, page 467,
      It goes without saying, therefore, that obstructive anuria can occur only if the outflow from both kidneys or from the only functioning kidney is obstructed.

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anuria f (plural anurie)

  1. (pathology) anuria