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Dupaningan Agta[edit]




  1. (interrogative) what



Probably from Proto-Uralic *ańa (wife of an older male relative; mother).[1][2][3]



anya (plural anyák)

  1. mother
    • 1925 March, Attila József, “Tiszta szívvel”:
      Nincsen apám, se anyám, / se istenem, se hazám, / se bölcsőm, se szemfedőm, / se csókom, se szeretőm.
      I have got no father, no mother, / no god, no homeland, / no cradle, no shroud, / no kiss, no lover.
    Synonyms: édesanya, mama, anyu, anyuci, anyuka
  2. (engineering) nut (piece of metal intended to be screwed onto a bolt)
    Synonyms: csavaranya, anyacsavar

Usage notes[edit]

One needs to take extra caution about using this noun with the second-person singular or plural possessive suffixes (-d and -tok), as it may be understood as a short form of some highly offensive expletive (a kurva anyád, literally your mother, the whore) in Hungarian, even if no attribute is added whatsoever. Even if the context makes it crystal clear that no offense is implied, it still doesn’t sound polite with second-person endings. Instead, it is better to use édesanya or perhaps (in case of a friend) anyuka with second-person suffixes (édesanyád, anyukád or édesanyátok, anyukátok). Out of respect, it is also advisable to use édesanya (or anyuka) when referring to the speaker’s own mother (édesanyám).


Inflection (stem in long/high vowel, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative anya anyák
accusative anyát anyákat
dative anyának anyáknak
instrumental anyával anyákkal
causal-final anyáért anyákért
translative anyává anyákká
terminative anyáig anyákig
essive-formal anyaként anyákként
inessive anyában anyákban
superessive anyán anyákon
adessive anyánál anyáknál
illative anyába anyákba
sublative anyára anyákra
allative anyához anyákhoz
elative anyából anyákból
delative anyáról anyákról
ablative anyától anyáktól
possessive - singular
anyáé anyáké
possessive - plural
anyáéi anyákéi
Possessive forms of anya
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. anyám anyáim
2nd person sing. anyád anyáid
3rd person sing. anyja anyái
1st person plural anyánk anyáink
2nd person plural anyátok anyáitok
3rd person plural anyjuk anyáik

Derived terms[edit]

Compound words with this term at the beginning
Compound words with this term at the end


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Further reading[edit]

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