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From arv +‎ -ma.


arvama (da-infinitive arvata)

  1. to believe, to assume, to think
    Ma ei arva, et see oleks tark tegu.
    I don't think that would be a smart move.
    Issand jumal, ma arvasin, et ta suri ära.
    Oh my god, I thought he died.
  2. to assign to a certain post or job
    Paar kaugushüppajat arvati olümpiakoondisse.
    A few long-jumpers were assigned to the olympic team.
  3. to consider, to count as
    Ravil olemise aeg arvatakse üldise tööstaaži hulka.
    Time spent in hospital is considered a part of your general length of service.
  4. to guess (usually with ära)
    Ma ei suuda ära arvata, mida ta tahab.
    I can't guess what he wants.
    Suudad arvata, kes vahele jäi?
    Can you guess who got caught?


Derived terms[edit]