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Middle English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Anglo-Norman assaier; equivalent to assay +‎ -en.


  • IPA(key): /aˈsɛi̯ən/, /ˈasɛi̯ən/, /sɛi̯ən/



  1. To trial, test or assay:
    1. To trial something in order to ascertain its efficacy.
    2. To ascertain something's efficacy or usefulness.
    3. To examine or test a person's nature or intrinsic qualities.
    4. To taste comestibles (often in order to test them)
    5. To test something's or someone's battle-readiness
  2. To launch an attempt or effort at something.
  3. To look at; to research or launch an examination or inquiry.
  4. To perform an enterprise or mission.
  5. To attain knowledge via deduction, inquiry, or investigating.
  6. To query or ask one for assistance or help.
  7. To lure or draw into; to seduce or utilise temptation.
  8. To copulate, have sexual relations with, or have coitus.
  9. (rare) To have experienced something.
  10. (rare) To utilise a field of knowledge.
  11. (rare) To travel on the ocean.