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From atvērt (to open) +‎ -e, with ē > e shortening (and with atvērt from at- +‎ vērt (to open, to close)).




atvere f (5th declension)

  1. opening, orifice (a gap or hole in an organism or in a specific organ)
    deguna atveresnostrils (lit. nose openings, orifices)
    žaunu atveregill opening
    aortas atverethe opening of the aorta
    anālā atvereanal orifice, anus
    varavīksnenes vidū atrodas apaļa, melna atvere: zīlītein the middle of the iris (in the eye) there is a round, black opening: the pupil
  2. opening, orifice (a gap or hole in a mechanism or machine)
    mutuļo un krāc Jeņiseja, lauzdamās cauri aizsprosta atverēmthe Yenisey (river) swirled and roared, breaking through the openings in the dam
  3. (rare) hole, concavity, depression (on a surface)
    te nokritis meteorīts, izveidojot lielu, dziļu atveri diametrā ap 100 m, kas piepildījusies ar ūdenihere the meteorite fell, creating a large, deep hole with (lit. in) a diameter of about 100 m, which is filled with water


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