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backhand +‎ -er (patient suffix) or -er (agent noun suffix).


backhander (plural backhanders)

  1. A glass of wine given out of turn, the bottle having been handed backwards.
  2. A blow with the back of the hand.
  3. (informal) A bribe, a secret payment.
  4. (racquet sports) A shot played backhand, a backhand stroke.
  5. (racquet sports) A player who plays a backhand shot.
    She's a terrific backhander.
  6. (surfing) A surfer who approaches a swell with the wave behind them ("on their backhand") rather than facing the wave ("on their forehand").
    • 1990, Surfer - Volume 31, Issues 7-12:
      The morning brought an increased swell; long, perfect, down-the-line, 6-8' freight trains — a forehander's dream and a backhander's nightmare