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barranco (dirt cliff)
barranco (gully)


barranco m (plural barrancos)

  1. a dirt cliff, especially one at the edge of a river or road
    Synonyms: barranca, ribanceira
  2. gully (trench, ravine or narrow channel which was worn by water flow)
    Synonym: (Brazil) voçoroca

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Of uncertain, maybe pre-Roman origin. Cognate of Catalan barranc, cf barra (clay, mud)


  • IPA(key): /baˈranko/, [baˈrãŋ.ko]


barranco m (plural barrancos)

  1. gully, gulch, ravine, barranca
    Synonyms: cañada, cañón, quiebra, quebrada
    • 1907, Harold Bindloss, chapter 7, in The Dust of Conflict[1]:
      A little fire burned in the hollow of the dusty barranco, a clear red fire of the kind that gives little light and makes no smoke, and its pale glow showed but feebly against the rock behind.
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