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From Middle English benediccion, from Ecclesiastical Latin benedictio, benedictionis, from benedictus (blessed; well spoken of). Doublet of benison.


  • IPA(key): /ˌbɛnəˈdɪkʃən/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɪkʃən


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benediction (countable and uncountable, plural benedictions)

  1. A short invocation for help, blessing and guidance from God, said on behalf of another person or persons (sometimes at the end of a church worship service).
    Synonym: blessing
    to pronounce / give / say the benediction; the nuptial benediction; a parting benediction
  2. In the Anglican church, the ceremony used to institute an abbot, analogous to the consecration of a bishop.
    • 1726, John Ayliffe, “Of Abbots, Priors, Abbies, Priories, &c.”, in Parergon juris canonici anglicani: or, A commentary, by way of supplement to the canons and constitutions of the Church of England[2], London: for the author, page 13:
      What Consecration is to a Bishop, that Benediction is to an Abbot; but in a different way: For a Bishop is not properly such till Consecration; but an Abbot being elected and confirm’d, is properly such before Benediction.
  3. A Roman Catholic rite by which bells, banners, candles, etc., are blessed with holy water and formally dedicated to God.
  4. Help, good fortune or reward from God or another supernatural source.
    Synonyms: blessing, grace


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