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Of unknown origin.


  • IPA(key): [ˈbɛzːɛɡ]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: bez‧zeg


bezzeg (not comparable)

  1. oh but ...; Creates reproachful or angry sentences that express that something (i.e. an altered circumstance) creates (created or would create) a difference in the behavior or attitude of someone or the state of something. No English equivalent, see examples.
    Bezzeg én sose mehetek veletek a boltba! - But I can never go to the shop with you! / Why can't I ever go to the shop with you? (implying that someone else can, in fact, and this distinction is felt improper by the speaker)
    Bezzeg ha én törtem volna el, akkor nem úsztam volna meg ilyen könnyen! - Had I been broken it, I wouldn't have got away with it so easily! (implies that someone has broken something and got less punishment compared to what the speaker thinks (s)he himself/herself would get, and it is felt improper.)
  2. (irony) surely, really (also expressing a contrast as mentioned above)
    Ő bezzeg nagyon ért hozzá! - But he really is an expert in it, isn't he! (ironically)
  3. (regional) egad
    Bezzeg akkorát esett az utcán, hogy alig tudott fölkelni! - Egad, he fell so great on the street, he could barely get up on his feet!



bezzeg (comparative bezzegebb, superlative legbezzegebb)

  1. an often mentioned exemplar (i.e. of whom/which it is often said Ő/Az bezzeg... - But (s)he/it...; maybe not with the word bezzeg but in this sense); used chiefly in compounds

Derived terms[edit]