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A biplane


From bi- +‎ plane.


biplane (not comparable)

  1. Composed of, or relating to, two planes (flat surfaces extending infinitely in all directions).
    biplane angiography
    Synonym: biplanar
    • 2021, John D. Bonagura, Virginia Luis Fuentes, “Echocardiography”, in John S. Mattoon, Rance K. Sellon, Clifford R. Berry, editors, Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound, 4th edition, St. Louis, MO: Elsevier, →ISBN, page 290:
      The left apical 4-chamber image is used for one measurement and for a “biplane” estimate (that averages values from orthogonal planes), either the right parasternal long-axis image (the authors' preference) or the left apical 2-chamber view (shown here) is also measured. [] Either a biplane (Simpson) method of discs or a 3D volumetric rendering is used for LV volume measurements in human echocardiography laboratories.
  2. (aviation) Having, or consisting of, two superposed planes, aerocurves, etc.
    a biplane rudder
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biplane (plural biplanes)

  1. (aviation) An airplane that has two main wings, one above the other and supported by struts.
    Coordinate terms: monoplane, triplane



biplane (third-person singular simple present biplanes, present participle biplaning, simple past and past participle biplaned)

  1. (intransitive, rare) To fly in a biplane.
    • 1995 July, Keith Tuber, “Aspen's Summer Charms”, in Orange Coast, volume 21, number 7, ISSN 0279-0483, page 21–22:
      For an unforgettable experience, try llama trekking along a gentle trail in the White River National Forest, [] There also are sky-high balloon rides, biplaning, hang gliding, paragliding and plenty of wilderness paths for hiking.





  1. feminine plural of biplano