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blob +‎ -y


blobby (comparative blobbier, superlative blobbiest)

  1. Similar in shape to blobs; amorphous in appearance; partially irregular in appearance like bubbles.
    • 1953, C. S. Lewis, The Silver Chair, Collins, 1998, Chapter 10,
      They were of all sizes, from little gnomes barely a foot high to stately figures taller than men. [] There were long, pointed noses, and long, soft noses like small trunks, and great blobby noses.
    • 2004, Isaac V. Kerlow, The Art of 3D: Computer Animation and Effects, John Wiley & Sons →ISBN, page 130
      The magnitude of the attraction force of blobby elements is usually defined by their volume [] In an animation, blobby surfaces are dynamic and constantly regenerate as they move in and out []

Derived terms[edit]