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Etymology 1[edit]

Possibly formed through mimesis, similarly to bleb and blubber.


blob ‎(plural blobs)

  1. A shapeless or amorphous mass; a vague shape or amount, especially of a liquid or semisolid substance; a clump, group or collection that lacks definite shape.
    • 1869: Norman Lockyer et al, Nature
      Only the outermost blob on either side in map 2 displays misalignment.
    • 1895: The Annual of the British School at Athens
      It was a colourful vase with red and white hoops on the lid, and red bands above and below the main frieze. These bands also carry a metope pattern in white of triple lines and blobs, which can just be distinguished on the photographs.
    • 1922, Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room Chapter 1
      But there, on the very top, is a hollow full of water, with a sandy bottom; with a blob of jelly stuck to the side, and some mussels.
  2. In astronomy, a large cloud of gas. In particular, an extended Lyman-Alpha blob is a huge body of gas that may be the precursor to a galaxy.[1]
  3. (dialect) A bubble, a bleb.
  4. A small freshwater fish (Uranidea richardsoni); the miller's thumb.

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Etymology 2[edit]


blob ‎(plural blobs)

  1. Alternative spelling of BLOB


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