bully boy

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Alternative forms[edit]


bully boy (plural bully boys)

  1. A tough, aggressive man, especially one who is young.
    • 1953 Aug. 17, "Italy: The Mills of Justice," Time:
      Back in the Mussolini era, Carlo Corbisiero, part-time barber, brawler and bully boy of the village of Marzano di Nola, near Naples, was pretty proud of his nickname—"Crackshot."
  2. (dated) A familiar male associate who is regarded rather fondly, especially one who is spirited and genial.
    • 1878, Horatio Alger, chapter 19, in The Young Adventurer:
      "Then, boys, here's to the health of Mr. Ferguson. He's a bully boy, and no coward."
    • 1920, Jeffery Farnol, The Geste of Duke Jocelyn, Fytte 5:
      "For troth I'm a merry dog, I—a wanton wag, a bully boy and jovial, though woeful o' look!"



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