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Contraction of "but her body" (as in: "Everything about her is great, but her body.").


butterbody (plural butterbodies)

  1. (slang, pejorative) A woman who has an attractive face but a less attractive body.
    • 2008, Mark Fuller, "match.com", in On the Beautiful Sea: Eight Stories, A Mutual Respect Books & Music (2008), →ISBN, page 42:
      Her body really wasn’t that great, on second thought. Her arms and neck were tight and thin, but her hips and legs were a little dumpy. She was sort of a butterbody, really.
    • 2009, Nicki Lamont, "Sexist shows should be stopped", The Chronicle (Durham College), Volume 35, Issue 12, 10 February 2009, page 5:
      The list began as an online poll letting men of all ages cast their votes for the biggest butterbodies of 2008.
      But what exactly is a butterbody?
      According to the Spike TV website, butterbodies are girls who are hot everywhere but their bodies.
    • 2012, Evan Lambert, "Adele: I Was A Boozy Shut In", Out, 10 February 2012:
      We all love Adele. She's pretty, she's soulful, she's talented, and she's strong. Earlier this week Karl Lagerfeld called her a butterbody ⎯ but he's since apologized, proving that her charm is universal.
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