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From Middle English carven, variant of Middle English corven, past participle of Middle English carven (to carve), equivalent to carve +‎ -en (past participle ending). More at carve.


carven (not comparable)

  1. Made by carving, especially when intricately or artistically done.
    • 1920, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Thuvia, Maiden of Mars[1], HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2008:
      The facades of the buildings fronting upon the avenue within the wall were richly carven
    • 1999, Lin Carter, The Quest of Kadji, page 118:
      The architecture was bewildering in its multiform complexity: great, sleepy-lidded faces of stone gazed down from the eight-sided towers; fantastic dragon-hybrids writhed entangled coils above portal and arch; many-armed and beast-headed gods thronged the paven ways, lining entire avenues in rank on rank of carven stone idols so innumerable as to suggest pantheons as populous as dynasties.

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  1. Alternative form of kerven