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A cimbalom

Alternative forms[edit]


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Particularly: “From the Hungarian cimbalom?”



cimbalom (plural cimbaloms)

  1. (music) A type of concert hammered dulcimer found primarily in the music of Eastern Europe
    • 2007 September 17, Bernard Holland, “Cryptic Messages or Silence From the ’60s Avant-Garde”, in New York Times[1]:
      Either/Or, including Anthony Burr, clarinetist; Jane Rigler, flutist; and Richard Carrick and David Shively, percussionists, also employed the cimbalom, the Hungarian pianolike mutant whose twang remains familiar to boozy evenings in late-night Central European bars.


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From Latin cymbalum(cymbal), from Ancient Greek κύμβαλον(kúmbalon).[1]


  • IPA(key): [ˈt͡simbɒlom]
  • Hyphenation: cim‧ba‧lom


cimbalom (plural cimbalmok)

  1. (music) cimbalom (type of concert hammered dulcimer)


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative cimbalom cimbalmok
accusative cimbalmot cimbalmokat
dative cimbalomnak cimbalmoknak
instrumental cimbalommal cimbalmokkal
causal-final cimbalomért cimbalmokért
translative cimbalommá cimbalmokká
terminative cimbalomig cimbalmokig
essive-formal cimbalomként cimbalmokként
inessive cimbalomban cimbalmokban
superessive cimbalmon cimbalmokon
adessive cimbalomnál cimbalmoknál
illative cimbalomba cimbalmokba
sublative cimbalomra cimbalmokra
allative cimbalomhoz cimbalmokhoz
elative cimbalomból cimbalmokból
delative cimbalomról cimbalmokról
ablative cimbalomtól cimbalmoktól
Possessive forms of cimbalom
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. cimbalmom cimbalmaim
2nd person sing. cimbalmod cimbalmaid
3rd person sing. cimbalma cimbalmai
1st person plural cimbalmunk cimbalmaink
2nd person plural cimbalmotok cimbalmaitok
3rd person plural cimbalmuk cimbalmaik

Derived terms[edit]


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