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come in handy (third-person singular simple present comes in handy, present participle coming in handy, simple past came in handy, past participle come in handy)

  1. (idiomatic, informal) To prove to be useful or helpful.
    Even though he doesn't really know how to use them, he keeps the tools around, figuring they might come in handy someday.
    • 2010, Vernon Lucas, Standing in the Shadows of Street Legends, Xlibris, page 40,
      This is where what I learned in High School really came in handy.
    • 2011, Lisa J Cohen, The Handy Psychology Answer Book, Visible Ink Press, page 326,
      A charismatic personality is not necessary in most managerial situations, but can come in handy in times of turmoil when workers need to be inspired and reassured about the need for significant changes in their values, goals, and group norms.
    • 2013, Shelley A. Christensen, Subbing with Sanity... ...A Work of the Heart, Xlibris, page 103,
      As I mentioned earlier, this is where an understanding of child development comes in handy!