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(index il)


A reflexive verb, derived from the verb ilmoittaa.


ilmoittautua (intransitive)

  1. to enrol/enroll in, register in (school = kouluun, a course = kurssille)
  2. to sign up for, join (to add one's name to the list of people who are participating in something, join an amateur team)
    Terry ilmoittautui jalkapallojoukkueeseen.
    Terry signed up for / joined the soccer team.
  3. to enter (a competition, contest = kilpailuun)
  4. (military) to report (to show up or appear at an appointed time; to present oneself)
  5. (hospital) to register, check in, sign in, report (to the reception / receptionist, admissions office, or medical staff), say / give your name to the receptionist, fill in / complete your registration (form)


Usage notes[edit]

What you register or enroll in, sign up for, or enter is in the illative or allative case, depending on the situation. The choice is idiomatic and clear to Finns, but linguists have not yet been able to formulate or discover a rule.

Derived terms[edit]