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Alternative forms[edit]


Truncated from confabulate or confabulation.



confab (third-person singular simple present confabs, present participle confabbing, simple past and past participle confabbed)

  1. (informal) To speak casually with somebody; to chat.


confab (countable and uncountable, plural confabs)

  1. (informal) A casual talk or chat.
    • 1902, Francis Lynde, The Master of Appleby, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, page 167:
      Some confab followed, and I overheard enough to tell me that a scouting party had come in…
    • 14 November 2018, Jesse Hassenger, AV Club Disney goes viral with an ambitious, overstuffed Wreck-It Ralph sequel[1]
      These include a brief but showstopping (and trailer-revealed) scene where Vanellope crashes a Disney Princess reunion, packed with gags and references that should send both young and old fans into paroxysms of glee. The princess confab also leads into a scene featuring Vanellope and the cast of Slaughter Race that probably shouldn’t be spoiled.

Related terms[edit]