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coroner +‎ -ial


coronial (not comparable)

  1. Of, by or pertaining to a coroner
    • 1894, Ivan Dexter, Talmud: A Strange Narrative of Central Australia, published in serial form in Port Adelaide News and Lefevre's Peninsula Advertiser (SA), Chapter XIV, [1]
      When the station was reached the doctor, of course, said that Garfield's death had been instantaneous, and as he was vested with coronial powers a formal inquest was held before burial.
    • 2009 January 22, Melissa Iaria, “Cleared of killing after 48 years”, in Herald Sun[2]:
      But, overturning the 1961 coronial finding, Victorian coroner John Olle ruled Ms Kramer's mother, Phyllis Loomes, had put the bag over Margaret's head.