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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Portuguese crioulo. Doublet of creole and criollo.


crioulo (plural crioulos)

  1. A native horse of South America, known for its speed and endurance.

Related terms[edit]



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Uncertain but usually associated with cria (offspring), criar (to breed; to rear). Possibly a corruption of criadouro (breeding place).


  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /kɾiˈo(w).lu/ [kɾɪˈo(ʊ̯).lu], (faster pronunciation) /ˈkɾjo(w).lu/ [ˈkɾjo(ʊ̯).lu]
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): /kɾiˈo(w).lo/ [kɾɪˈo(ʊ̯).lo], (faster pronunciation) /ˈkɾjo(w).lo/ [ˈkɾjo(ʊ̯).lo]
  • (Portugal) IPA(key): /kɾiˈo(w).lu/, (faster pronunciation) /ˈkɾjo(w).lu/
    • (Southern Portugal) IPA(key): /kɾiˈ, (faster pronunciation) /ˈkɾ

  • Hyphenation: cri‧ou‧lo


crioulo m (plural crioulos, feminine crioula, feminine plural crioulas)

  1. (historical) criollo (a descendant of European settlers who is born in a colony)
  2. (historical) a slave born at the house of his master
  3. (historical) a black person born in the Americas
  4. Creole (a person of mixed African and European ancestry born in a colony or former colony)
  5. (Brazil, dated, usually offensive) nigger; negro (a person of sub-Saharan African descent)
    Synonyms: preto, (neutral) negro
  6. crioulo (a horse breed of South America)
  7. (linguistics) creole (a language that arises from the adoption of a pidgin as a first language)
    Crioulos de base portuguesa.
    Portuguese-based Creole languages.
  8. (uncountable) Cape Verdean Creole; Crioulo


  • Kabuverdianu: kriolu
  • English: crioulo, Crioulo
  • Spanish: criollo


crioulo (feminine crioula, masculine plural crioulos, feminine plural crioulas)

  1. Creole (of mixed black and European descent)
  2. Creole (pertaining to Creole culture)
    Eu adoro música crioula.
    I love Creole music.
  3. (Brazil, dated, usually offensive) black (of sub-Saharan African descent)
  4. (linguistics) relating to creole languages