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Alternative forms[edit]


From cross- +‎ talk.

Usage in reference to the Chinese comedic performance is probably a loose calque of Chinese 相聲相声 (xiàngsheng).


crosstalk (countable and uncountable, plural crosstalks)

  1. (electronics) Undesirable signals from a neighbouring transmission circuit; undesired coupling between circuits.
  2. (biology) The situation where one or more components of a signal transduction pathway affect another pathway.
  3. Conversation that is incidental to the topic under discussion.
    I couldn't hear the opening address because of all the crosstalk around me.
  4. A traditional Chinese comedic performance in the form of a dialogue.
    Synonym: xiangsheng
  5. Communication between parties who have extremely different perspectives.
    • 2020, Merlin Sheldrake, Entangled Life, page 239:
      Sharing resources for mutual benefit: crosstalk between disciplines deepns the understanding of mycorrhizal symbioses.



crosstalk (third-person singular simple present crosstalks, present participle crosstalking, simple past and past participle crosstalked)

  1. To hold an incidental conversation

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