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From Anglo-Norman cruet, diminutive of Old French crue (an earthen pot).

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IPA(key): /ˈkɹu.ɪt/


cruet (plural cruets)

  1. A small bottle or container used to hold a condiment, such as salt, pepper, oil, or vinegar, for use at a dining table.
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 17
      Mrs. Hussey soon appeared, with a mustard-pot in one hand and a vinegar-cruet in the other, having just broken away from the occupation of attending to the castors, and scolding her little black boy meantime.
  2. (Britain) A stand for these containers.
    • 1931, Francis Beeding, “1/1”, in Death Walks in Eastrepps[1]:
      He [] even had a second slice of lamb, for he was hungry. During the meal, as was his custom, he read from a book propped up against the cruet.
  3. A small vessel used to hold wine or water for the Eucharist.


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