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From Middle English kuggel, from Old English cycgel (a large stick, cudgel), from Proto-Germanic *kuggilaz (knobbed instrument), derivative of Proto-Germanic *kuggōn (cog, swelling), from Proto-Indo-European *geugʰ- (swelling, bow), from Proto-Indo-European *geu-, *gū- (to bow, bend, arch, curve). Cognate with Middle Dutch coghele (stick with a rounded end). Related to cog.



cudgel (plural cudgels)

  1. A short heavy club with a rounded head used as a weapon.
    The guard hefted his cudgel menacingly and looked at the inmates. The threat to swing glinted in his eye.
    • 1883, Howard Pyle, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Chapter V
      Then they had bouts of wrestling and of cudgel play, so that every day they gained in skill and strength.
    • Bunyan
      He getteth him a grievous crabtree cudgel and [] falls to rating of them as if they were dogs.
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cudgel (third-person singular simple present cudgels, present participle (US) cudgeling or (UK) cudgelling, simple past and past participle (US) cudgeled or (UK) cudgelled)

  1. To strike with a cudgel.
    The officer was violently cudgeled down in the midst of the rioters, with his own beatstick no less.
    • Shakespeare
      I would cudgel him like a dog if he would say so.
  2. To exercise (one's wits or brains).