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cumbre (third-person singular simple present cumbres, present participle cumbring, simple past and past participle cumbred)

  1. Archaic form of cumber.




Inherited from Latin culminem, from Proto-Italic *kolamen, from Proto-Indo-European *kelH-. The sense of “gathering” is a calque of English summit. Doublet of culmen.


  • IPA(key): /ˈkumbɾe/ [ˈkũm.bɾe]
  • Rhymes: -umbɾe
  • Syllabification: cum‧bre


cumbre f (plural cumbres)

  1. summit, peak, top, hilltop (topmost point or surface, especially of a mountain)
    Synonyms: cima, pico
  2. summit (gathering or assembly of leaders)
    • 2019 December 5, “Greta Thunberg abandona Lisboa en tren rumbo a Madrid”, in La Vanguardia[1]:
      La joven cruzó el Atlántico en 21 días a bordo de un catamarán con el objetivo de llegar a Madrid para participar en la Marcha por el Clima y en la Cumbre sobre Cambio Climático.
      The young lady crossed the Atlantic in 21 days aboard a catamaran with the goal of arriving in Madrid to participate in the March for Climate and the Climate Change Summit.
  3. (figuratively) apex, acme
    Synonyms: ápice, acmé

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cumbre m or f (masculine and feminine plural cumbres)

  1. main; primary; culminating; peak
    Synonym: colmo

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