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Latin, from cellere ((in comparative) to impel).


culmen (plural culmens or culmina)

  1. top; summit; acme
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  2. (zoology) The dorsal ridge of a bird's bill.
    • 1997 June 20, “A Role for Ecotones in Generating Rainforest Biodiversity[1], Science, volume 276, number 5320, DOI:10.1126/science.276.5320.1855, pages 1855-1857: 
      The measurements were taken as follows: wing length, from the carpal joint to the tip of the longest primary; tarsus length, from the tibiotarsal joint to the distal undivided scute; upper mandible length, the chord length from the point where the culmen enters the feathers of the head to the tip; bill depth, in the vertical plane level at the anterior edge of the nares.
    • 1910, Alfred M. Tozzer and Glover M. Allen, Animal Figures in the Maya Codices[2]:
      A very simple form was found in the carving shown in Pl. 17, fig. 13, where a long projecting knob is seen at the base of the culmen.




culmen n (genitive culminis); third declension

  1. stalk
  2. top, roof, summit
  3. (figuratively) height, acme


Third declension neuter.

Number Singular Plural
nominative culmen culmina
genitive culminis culminum
dative culminī culminibus
accusative culmen culmina
ablative culmine culminibus
vocative culmen culmina