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Scottish Gaelic[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Irish dílaid, from díl ‎(satisfaction, paying, of a debt), from do·lá ‎(rejects, remits (a debt)), from Proto-Celtic *di-layo- ‎(throw away), from Proto-Indo-European *leh₁w- ‎(loosen, release).



dìol ‎(past dhìol, future dìolaidh, verbal noun dìoladh, past participle dìolte)

  1. avenge, take revenge
  2. compensate, render, reward, requite

Derived terms[edit]


dìol m ‎(genitive singular dìola, no plural)

  1. recompense, satisfaction, retribution
  2. reward, pay, hire
  3. satiety, sufficiency
  4. object, end proposed
  5. fate, destiny
  6. the act of weaning
  7. condition, state
  8. complement, proportion
  9. use
  10. selling
  11. restitution