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An animation of a deke (feint in ice hockey)


Canadian English, a contraction of decoy.



deke (plural dekes)

  1. (ice hockey) A feint, fake, or other move made by the player with the puck to deceive a goaltender or defenceman (or a series thereof).
    • 1971: Ice hockey: an illustrated guide for coaches by Gerald A. Walford
      Puck carriers will often use the blade of the hockey stick in timing a deke or fake (if one is used) to get around an opponent.
  2. As in hockey, a fake or other move to confuse other players on a team
    • 2017: Simmons' deke leads to rundown
      Andrelton Simmons dekes out Carlos Correa to get him in a rundown, which eventually ends with Jose Altuve being tagged out at home
  3. (Canada, slang) A quick detour.



deke (third-person singular simple present dekes, present participle deking, simple past and past participle deked)

  1. (Canada) To avoid, go around, or dodge an object, person, or conversation topic; often by using trickery.
  2. (ice hockey) To execute a deke.
    • 1968: Make the Team in Ice Hockey by Ira Gitler
      The advantage is with the shooter from fifteen to twenty feet, but if you notice a weakness, you may want to fake a shot and "deke" to goalie.
    • 1973: Hockey Fever in Goganne Falls by R. J. Childerhose
      "Deke!" Joe would shout hoarsely. "You deke with your shoulder. Drop it like you were going that way!"
  3. To execute a deke in another sport
    • 2017: Cut 4, "Andrelton Simmons used a great deke and some great throws to fool the Astros out of an inning" by Michael Clair
      Simmons casually leaned back as if he was going to let the throw go to third. That momentary hesitation made Correa think he could take off for second. Only problem? Simmons was simply laying in wait. He grabbed the ball and threw to first.... Even though Simmons was never the focal point of the play, one deke, one cutoff, and two throws later, he had tricked the Astros out of an inning.




dek + -e



  1. tenthly




  1. island, islet, atoll
  2. coral or reef island