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From Middle French déterminatif.


Examples (linguistics)

The sign 𒀭 is used as an ideogram in Akkadian to spell 𒀭 (ilum, god), but it is also used as a determinative to mark divine names (indicated in transliterations by a superscript d):

Examples (grammar)

the (article), this (demonstrative), most, any (quantifiers), three (cardinal numeral)

determinative (plural determinatives)

  1. (linguistics) An ideogram used to mark semantic categories of words in logographic scripts.
    Synonym: taxogram
    Coordinate term: classifier
  2. (grammar) A member of a class of words functioning in a noun phrase to identify or distinguish a referent without describing or modifying it.
    Synonym: determiner

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determinative (comparative more determinative, superlative most determinative)

  1. (law) Sufficient to decide something (such as a question of fact or of law).
    When assigning custody, the preference of the child will be considered, but it is not determinative.
    • 1905 January 21, Ch. Kent, opinion, New York Foundling Hospital v. Gatti, Arizona [Territorial] Supreme Court, as reported in, 1907, The Lawyers Reports Annotated, new series, volume 7, page 313 [1]:
      This proceeding, though not presenting questions difficult of determination, or points of law that are novel, is unusual in many of its features, and is important as determinative of the disposition and welfare of a number of little children, ignorant of the contest that is being carried on in regard to them.
    • 2001, Michel Bastarache, “Van de Perre v. Edwards”, in CanLii[2]:
      It is therefore clear that, even in adoption cases where it might play a more important role, race is not a determinative factor and its importance will depend greatly on the facts.
    • 2009 July, International Accounting Standards Board, Financial Instruments, →ISBN, page 617:
      An entity does not automatically conclude that any observed transaction price is determinative of fair value.






  1. feminine plural of determinativo