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dimensional analysis (uncountable)

  1. (mathematics, physics) The study of the dimensions of physical quantities; used to obtain information about large complex systems, and as a means of checking mathematical and physics equations.
    • 2000, Stuart Churchill, 2.3: Similitude: Data Analysis and Data Correlation, Frank Kreith, CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering, CRC Press, page 2-28,
      The full power and utility of dimensional analysis is often underestimated and underutilized by engineers.
    • 2008, Andrew Clennel Palmer, Dimensional Analysis and Intelligent Experimentation, World Scientific, page 1,
      Dimensional analysis is a technique that can be used to clarify and explain relationships between physical quantities.
    • 2014, Jonathan Worstell, Dimensional Analysis: Practical Guides in Chemical Engineering, Elsevier (Butterworth-Heinemann), page 19,
      Buckingham investigated the foundation of Dimensional Analysis itself. In his paper, he stated, and proved, what became known as Buckingham's Pi theorem, which forms the foundation of Dimensional Analysis.


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