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Jean Baptiste Vanmour, Portret van Sultan Ahmed III (Portrait of Sultan Ahmed III, 1703–1717), collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire is depicted wearing a dolman (sense 1).
An 1831 portrait by Georg Philipp Schmitt of Count György Károlyi de Nagykároly, a Hungarian politician, wearing a dolman (sense 2)
An illustration by Laure Noël from an 1871 edition of Harper's Bazaar showing the front and back of a cashmere dolman (sense 3)

Alternative forms[edit]


Apparently from French doliman, dolman (sense 2), ultimately from Turkish dōlāmān, ḍōlāmah. Compare German doliman, dollman; Hungarian dolmány.



dolman ‎(plural dolmans)

  1. A loose garment with narrow sleeves and an opening in the front, generally worn by Turks.
  2. A short, close-fitting, heavily braided military jacket, usually worn under a pelisse, originally by hussars.
  3. A woman’s garment with wide capelike sleeves.

Usage notes[edit]

Not to be confused with dolmen.