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electric current (plural electric currents)

  1. (electromagnetism) A net unidirectional movement of electrons, or other charge carriers, caused by a potential difference.
    An electric current runs through this wire.
  2. (electromagnetism) The net charge that passes through some cross-section of a conducting material (in one direction), per unit time, having the SI unit A (C/s).
    The electric current in this wire is 5 A.
    • year unknown, S. K. Gupta & Anubhuti Gangal, A Compact And Com. Book Of IIT Foudation Science Phy.&Che.) VII, S. Chand Publishing →ISBN, page 32
      (iii) Electric current is the flow of _____. (iv) The SI unit of electric current is _____ .
    • year unknown, V. K Mehta & Rohit Mehta, S. Chand’s Principle Of Physics -XII, S. Chand Publishing →ISBN, page 255
      The electric current is measured by the flow of charge through any cross-section  ...
    • 2010, Keping Yan, Electrostatic Precipitation: 11th International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation, Hangzhou, 2008, Springer Science & Business Media, →ISBN, page 316:
      From the following table (Table 2), we can see that, as a whole, the former electric field's electric current is smaller, the rare electric field's electric current is larger.
    • 1996, Robert Alexander Walker Johnstone, Malcolm E. Rose, Mass Spectrometry for Chemists and Biochemists, Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 55:
      This cascading effect continues through the whole series of electrodes and provides gains in electric current of the order of 10⁴-10⁸.