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From escalate +‎ -ion.



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escalation (countable and uncountable, plural escalations)

  1. an increase or rise, especially one to counteract a perceived discrepancy
    • 2012 April 19, Josh Halliday, “Free speech haven or lawless cesspool – can the internet be civilised?”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Thousands of violent videos are still available on the internet, according to Alexander, who claims they lead to an escalation in offline tensions between rival gangs. "I believe some young people are losing their lives as result of this material on the internet," she said.
  2. a deliberate or premeditated increase in the violence or geographic scope of a conflict
  3. (customer support) The reassignment of a difficult customer problem to someone whose job is dedicated to handling such cases.
    • 2003, Garry Schultz, The Customer Care and Contact Center Handbook, →ISBN, page 229:
      The manager ensures that the escalation team generates a continuous stream of root cause analysis exercises and the subsequent corrective actions.
    • 2016, Francoise Tourniaire, The Art of Support, →ISBN, page 154:
      Resolving escalations tends to require large amounts of time and energy from the support engineer working on an escalation and from the manager driving it. If those individuals are also required to attend to other issues, they will either neglect other customers (not good) or do a poor job of driving the escalation (very bad).

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Borrowed from English escalation.


escalation f (invariable)

  1. escalation (all senses)