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An esker
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Alternative forms[edit]


From Irish eiscir (esker, glacial ridge).



esker (plural eskers)

  1. A long, narrow, sinuous ridge created by deposits from a stream running beneath a glacier.
    • 1988, Robert Phillip Sharp, Living Ice: Understanding Glaciers and Glaciation, page 149,
      Another unusual ice-contact feature is an esker, a long, narrow, steep-sided ridge of glaciofluvial sand and gravel inhabiting a glaciated area. Eskers tend to follow valleys and lowlands, carefully picking a course between obstacles.
    • 1999, L. Clayton, J. W. Attig, D. M. Mickelson, Tunnel channels formed in Wisconsin during the last glaciation, David M. Mickelson, John W. Attig (editors), Glacial Processes, Past and Present, page 77,
      Another objection to the tunnel-valley interpretation comes from a comparison with eskers. [] The esker rivers and the tunnel-channel rivers of Wisconsin therefore seem to have been the result of significantly different meltwater regimes.
    • 2001, Allan D. Randall, Hydrogeologic Framework of Stratified-drift Aquifers in the Glaciated Northeastern United States, US Geological Survey Paper 1415-B, page B37,
      The multiple deltas must have formed sequentially, which led Thompson (1982) to conclude that the eskers were built in successive segments.




Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


esker m, f

  1. indefinite plural of eske

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


esker f

  1. indefinite plural of eske