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Old Irish[edit]


From Proto-Celtic *exs-.


ess- (pretonic as-)

  1. ex-, out
    ess- (out) + ‎beirid (to bring, carry) → ‎as·beir (to say, literally bring out)
    ess- (out) + ‎renaid (to sell) → ‎as·ren (pay (off), literally sell out)
    ess- (out) + ‎éirge (rising) → ‎esséirge (resurrection, literally rising out)
  2. privative prefix: non-, -less
    ess- (non-) + ‎carae (friend) → ‎escarae (enemy, literally non-friend)
    ess- (non-) + ‎báe (benefit, utility) → ‎esbae (uselessness)
    ess- (-less) + ‎recht (law) → ‎eisrecht (outlaw, literally lawless, i.e. not protected under the law)
    ess- (-less) + ‎tol (desire) → ‎etal (pure, sinless, literally without desire)

Derived terms[edit]

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