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expose oneself (third-person singular simple present exposes oneself, present participle exposing oneself, simple past and past participle exposed oneself)

  1. (idiomatic, euphemistic) To display one's genitalia in a public place or in other inappropriate circumstances.
    • 1985 May 5, "Offender's One-way Ticket Stirs 2-city Feud," New York Times (retrieved 27 April 2014):
      On Thursday the police in Miami Beach arrested the man, Weston J. Hill, 44 years old, charging him with indecent exposure. . . . He had been charged with exposing himself to children.
    • 1998 Sept. 18, "Bill & Monica: The Intern Serves the Pizza," Time (retrieved 27 April 2014):
      While the President was on the telephone, according to Ms. Lewinsky, "he unzipped his pants and exposed himself," and she performed oral sex.
    • 2013 Sept. 20, Holly Baxter, "Is masturbating in public a laughing matter?," The Guardian (UK):
      Elsewhere in Sweden recently, two underage girls pressed charges when a teenage boy exposed himself to them at a lake. The court decided, despite the victims' testimonies, that the offence was "not of a sexual nature" and dismissed it.

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