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Alternative forms[edit]


face to face (not comparable)

  1. In person; directly; in the physical presence of somebody.
    He sounds intimidating over the phone, but if you meet him face to face you will find he is a friendly enough fellow.
  2. (by extension) Closely encountering (a thing or situation).
    Finally, there I was, face to face with death.


See also[edit]



Unadapted borrowing from English face to face.


  • IPA(key): /ˌfeis tu ˈfeis/ [ˌfei̯s t̪u ˈfei̯s]


face to face (invariable)

  1. face to face

Usage notes[edit]

According to Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) prescriptions, unadapted foreign words should be written in italics in a text printed in roman type, and vice versa, and in quotation marks in a manuscript text or when italics are not available. In practice, this RAE prescription is not always followed.