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From Proto-Indo-European *bhasko (bundle, band), see also Proto-Celtic *baski (bundle, load), Ancient Greek φάκελος (phákelos, bundle), Old English bæst (inner bark of the linden tree), Welsh baich (load, burden), Middle Irish basc (neckband).



fascis m (genitive fascis); third declension

  1. A fagot, fascine; bundle, packet, package, parcel.
  2. A burden, load.
  3. (usually in the plural) A bundle carried by lictors before the highest magistrates, consisting of rods and an axe, with which criminals were scourged and beheaded.
  4. A high office, like the consulship.


Third declension i-stem.

Case Singular Plural
nominative fascis fascēs
genitive fascis fascium
dative fascī fascibus
accusative fascem fascēs
ablative fasce fascibus
vocative fascis fascēs


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    • to walk before with the fasces; to lower the fasces: fasces praeferre, summittere