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Inherited from Ottoman Turkish كچورمك (geçirmek, to make or let enter or pass through or penetrate, to pass into register, to pass off as good, to make or let succeed to a rank),[1] from Ottoman Turkish كچمك (geçmek, to pass by, through, along, over, into a thing, to expire, to deteriorate, to have influence, to overlook), from Proto-Turkic *keč- (to pass, to wade).[2][3]


  • IPA(key): /ɟe.t͡ʃiɾˈmec/
  • Hyphenation: ge‧çir‧mek
  • Audio:(file)



geçirmek (third-person singular simple present geçirir)

  1. causative of geçmek
  2. (transitive, with dative) To take or carry something from one place or side to another.
  3. (transitive, with dative) To put into record, to take down as a note.
    Synonyms: kaydetmek, kayda geçirmek
  4. (transitive, with dative) To place or install something where it is meant to go.
    Synonym: takmak
  5. (transitive, with dative) To walk someone out, to walk someone to the door when they are leaving, to see out.
    Synonyms: uğurlamak, yolcu etmek, selametlemek, (archaic) teşyi etmek
  6. (transitive, with locative) To spend time doing something or to live or reside at a place for a time.
  7. (intransitive, with dative) To wear, to put on, often implying that the action is done hastily or carelessly; to slip into.
    Synonyms: giymek, giyinmek
  8. (transitive, with ablative, limited usage) To apply an action on a mass of people.
    Baban imparator olabilmek için bütün kardeşlerini kılıçtan geçirdi.Your father put all his brothers to the sword to become the emperor.
  9. (transitive, with dative) To contract a disease.
    Synonym: bulaştırmak
  10. (transitive, with dative, figuratively) To hit, to strike.
  11. (transitive, with dative, figuratively) To cheat someone in a transaction, to rip off.
    Synonyms: aldatmak, kazıklamak, kazık atmak



Derived terms



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