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From Middle French gueux (beggar), from Middle Dutch [Term?] guit (beggar, small criminal).


geus (not comparable)

  1. belonging or related to the political party of the geuzen (see below)
  2. protestant


Inflection of geus
uninflected geus
inflected geuze
predicative/adverbial geus
indefinite m./f. sing. geuze
n. sing. geus
plural geuze
definite geuze
partitive geus


geus m, f (plural geuzen, diminutive geusje or geuzeke n)

  1. (chiefly in the plural) a polemic term for the supporters of a political party in the Spanish Netherlands, who became the enemies of the Spanish crown, formalised in 1566
  2. as their 'heirs', the protestants in the Low Countries, especially as opposed to catholics
  3. shortened form of geuzelambiek m, a beer type originally brewed in the 'rue des Gueux' in Brussels, hence the name.
  4. (possibly of different etymology) f or m originally a geuzenvlag; now a small type of flag, flown at a ship's bowsprit

Derived terms[edit]


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