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Etymology 1[edit]

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Variation of gotch, from Ukrainian ґатки (gátky).



  1. (Canada, Alberta and British Columbia, slang) Underwear, especially men's briefs.
    • 2000, John Farrow, City of Ice, HarperCollins (2000), →ISBN, page 71:
      She stowed the ginch she had just received as a gift in the dresser out of harm's way.
    • 2012, Kim Firmston, Hook Up, James Lorimer & Company Ltd. (2012), →ISBN, page 25:
      Grabbing clean pants and ginch, I get re-dressed.
    • 2012, Sandi Bezanson-Chan, "Summer Jobs Series: Learning to handle 'ginch' in the hotel laundry", National Post, 14 July 2012:
      I got the hang of it after about 20 or 30 sheets and was settling into the routine when, reaching into the trolley, I was horrified to spy a pair of men’s Jockey underpants in amongst the sheets. I stopped cold and let out a shriek (remember, I was 14). Shirley calmly looked into the trolley and said, “Oh for Christ’s sake – it’s just a pair of ginch!”

Etymology 2[edit]


ginch (plural ginches)

  1. (Britain, slang, taboo) vagina, pussy